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Tongda organic fertilizer equipment is favored by African friends!

Recently, African businessmen came to the company again and left an order for 60 products. Henan Tongda Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. tries to meet the special requirements of some foreign merchants for organic fertilizer equipment by applying new processes and technologies.

In order to maintain the base material nutrients in production, we have developed a new automatic hydraulic granulation process, which not only achieves no loss of base material nutrients during the production process, but also enhances the strength of fertilizer granules;

In order to improve the working efficiency and service life of the equipment, by adding an automatic oiling system for equipment lubrication, in order to meet the needs of customers for diversification of fertilizer particles and to adapt to the growth of different crops, and to achieve the purpose of slow release and increase production, they improved the equipment rollers, Fertilizer products meet the requirements of more than 40 shapes such as round grain, flat grain and irregular shape. All of these have laid a solid foundation for the international market of the products.

Henan Tongda Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment. It has long been committed to the development and research of complete sets of production line equipment for organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer granulation. It specializes in the research and design of new technologies, new processes, and new equipment for compound fertilizers. Consulting service, production technology guidance, complete set supply, commissioning and production one-stop service and set up a complete set of equipment research and development center, once again promoting the rare multi-cylinder steam and drum granulation equipment at home and abroad, which has strong usability and broad prospects, etc. kind of. The principle of customer first, willing to provide users with warm and thoughtful service, assistance, guidance, installation, commissioning, training operators. Cooperate with tens of thousands of projects at home and abroad.