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Organic fertilizer crawler turner shipped to South Korea!

In the production equipment of organic fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer, the compost turner is the first of the indispensable equipment. So what are the important functions of the compost turner in the production of organic fertilizer? What are the benefits of using an organic fertilizer turning machine for the production and fermentation of organic fertilizers?

The compost turner is divided into two types: the compost turner that can walk on the ground and the trough type compost turner that works on the fermentation tank.

Ground type compost turner is also known as self-propelled compost turner/self-propelled compost turner/walking type compost turner/stack type compost turner. Today we will focus on the application and benefits of ground-type compost turning machines in the production and fermentation of organic fertilizers.

The raw materials for the production of organic fertilizers are relatively extensive, and the more common ones are chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure and other livestock and poultry manure. Such raw materials need to undergo biological fermentation, and then let them meet the harmless treatment standards, so as to be further produced into commercial organic fertilizers.

Determine the fermentation site. The site required for ground fermentation needs to be open and level, so that it can facilitate mass fermentation production. In general, raw materials have high moisture content, and a certain proportion of dry materials need to be added for moisture adjustment, such as straw powder, mushroom slag, etc.

The crawler turner is a commonly used equipment for stack fermentation, and has seven characteristics:

1. The pull rod is operated to turn 360°in situ, saving space and cost.

2. The steering wheel is hydraulically balanced to keep the whole machine stable during work, and there will be no phenomenon of incomplete turning.

3. The turning shaft is hydraulically lifted, which can turn at high or low speed according to the moisture content of the material.

4. The front is equipped with a material push plate, which can make the material strips pile evenly and improve the speed and quality of turning.

5. Using the drive shaft system, the turning speed can be adjusted up and down, and the V-belt drive is eliminated.

6. The clutch adopts soft drive, eliminating iron-to-iron clutch, prolonging the service life of equipment shafts, chains and bearings.

7. The compost turner adopts a frame multi-column car-type overall structure, which has a longer service life and is not easily deformed.