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Congratulations for Successful Loading & Delivery of 33*40HC

Congratulations for Successful Loading & Delivery of 33*40HC Containers to Bolivia and Cambodia!Organic fertilizer production line shipped!

Common equipment for organic fertilizer production line:

Fertilizer drum screening machine: The drum screening machine is a new type of special equipment for self-cleaning screening materials following the electric vibrating screen.

Fertilizer automatic packaging scale: automatic quantitative packaging scale is specially designed for quantitative packaging, which is divided into double bucket packaging scale and single bucket packaging scale. Adopting an integrated structure, the scale is small in height, compact in structure, novel in appearance, simple in installation and convenient in maintenance.

Fertilizer tumble dryer: The tumble dryer is one of the traditional drying equipment. The equipment is reliable in operation, flexible in operation, strong in adaptability, and large in processing capacity. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, coal washing, fertilizers, ores, Sand, clay, kaolin.

Fertilizer Vertical Grinder: The vertical grinder can be used for crushing various materials such as mixture, gypsum, coal gangue, slag, copper ore, etc. It is also one of the crushing equipment commonly used in the compound fertilizer industry.

Fertilizer horizontal mixer: Horizontal mixer is mainly used in organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers and dust collectors in thermal power plants, and can also be used in chemical metallurgy, mining, building materials and other industries.

Fertilizer trough turning machine (orbital turning machine): The trough turning machine is usually also called the guide rail turning machine. It can be used for the fermentation and turning of organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure, sludge garbage, sugar factory filter mud, dross cake and straw sawdust, and is widely used in organic fertilizer factories.

Fertilizer tooth-stirring granulator: The wet-process tooth-stirring granulator uses the mechanical stirring force of high-speed rotation and the resulting aerodynamic force to continuously realize the mixing, granulation, spheroidization, and densification of fine powder materials in the machine. , so as to achieve the purpose of granulation.